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Far more interesting than GDPR!
I suspect most will remember this 4th week in May of 2018 as GDPR email madness week. Hopefully you will have noticed that The Tatton Weekly did not join the crowd and unless you feel the urge to click the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the email you will be allowed to continue receiving this weekly fixture without further action required. Research skills applied differently.

Trade Trumplomacy: Advantage China
Trade relations had a rollercoaster ride over the past week. On Monday US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said the US and China were putting the trade war “on hold” while the framework was being discussed which buoyed stock markets Monday and Tuesday. But then on Wednesday, Donald Trump cast doubt on the possibility of the US and China striking a trade deal any time soon, calling the current set up in negotiations “too hard”. He tweeted that, while talks were “moving along nicely”, the countries will “probably have to use a different structure” in order to “verify results after completion.” Predictably markets gave back their gains on Wednesday.

Global growth leadership shifts to the US but also H2/2018
At Tatton we started the year 2018 with the view that the pace of global growth would slow from quite a high level to a more moderate level by the half-way point. Meanwhile, global inflation would peak at a relatively moderate level during the first half before slipping back somewhat.

Demise of investment banking – good? bad? or indifferent?
Rumours about a possible tie up between Barclays and Standard Chartered – to strengthen their retail and corporate lending franchises – triggered a debate in our team about the traditional role banks played in the economy, and what a possible retrenchment from investment banking means for liquidity in markets.

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