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Perspective Financial Group Limited is a leading national financial advisory group. Perspective’s advisory offices offer whole of market, fee based, financial advice throughout the UK.

Perspective is a top 15 financial advisory group consisting of high quality and well qualified advisers through local offices. Our advisory ethos is to provide clients with the appropriate tailored advice to achieve financial objectives. Whether retirement planning, asset management, personal wealth or corporate planning; Perspective advisers aim to provide whole of market options and best advice to clients.

Whilst benefitting from the support and expertise of a highly regarded national Group, Perspective offices are managed at a local level to ensure that clients receive the local management and service that they expect. On joining the Group, Perspective firms maintain their local branding and their local presence.


Perspective Group offices provide whole of market financial advice. This means that they are not limited in the range of product providers and opportunities which they can provide. By having access to all product providers, our advisers are able to offer ‘whole of market’ advice which provides clients with the greatest possible choice of opportunities.

By offering a fee based service our advisers are further highlighting their impartiality and commitment to providing the most appropriate advice for clients by avoiding conflicts of interest which could occur from commission payments.


Perspective’s local advisory teams are all led and managed by experienced advisers and supported by long serving support teams. Due to a low level of employee turnover all Perspective offices provide a consistent level of service based on working closely with clients over a number of years. Perspective teams are dedicated to working with clients over the long term and are committed to knowing their clients’ needs and expectations.


Providing advice of the highest standard is the most important aspect of the Perspective Group. All Advisers are regularly assessed by an independent third party to ensure that advice is being provided in an accurate, transparent and compliant manner. Advisers and support teams at all Perspective offices are encouraged to continually undergo training and testing to ensure that their knowledge levels and competency are of the highest standard. A notable example of our commitment to providing the highest possible quality of advice is a number of Perspective firms and advisers are Chartered (through the Chartered Insurance Institute) and all advisers within the Group undertake mandatory testing to to monitor their competence.

Perspective Financial Group Limited does not provide financial advice itself. All advice is provided through individual Group offices which are all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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